Consultancy Services

We have highly qualified expert Arboricultural Consultants with many years experience of Surveying 66. Surveying Health   Safety of Trees-68Trees and preparing Preliminary & Final Reports. We can provide our customers with advice on Tree Health & Safety and Pest & Disease Control.

O’Brien Horticulture’s Arboricultural Consultancy experience includes providing preliminary and final reports for clients where neighbour disputes have occurred. We have provided health & safety surveys of trees for clients including: identifying, tagging, plotting, reporting on condition, making management recommendations and writing specifications for contractors for large numbers of trees in their ownership with a view to maintaining them in a safe condition.

O’Brien Horticulture have carried out full development site surveys and liaised with the other parties involved when producing recommendations for outline and final planning consents on behalf of development companies. Those recommendations would cover tree retention suitability, protection measures, new planting and after care programmes.

Instructions from clients have on occasion required the use of a range of decay detection and measuring devices currently available to assist in determining the safety of high amenity value trees in their ownership.

O’Brien Horticulture’s experience when working with engineering consultants includes providing advice on tree species in relation to built-structure foundation depth and when investigating the likely cause of damage caused by direct or indirect means where a tree is in close proximity to a property.