Tree Surgery

O’Brien Horticulture Professional Tree Care & Landscape provides the full range of Tree Surgery Services to help our Domestic Tree Care 68aaand Commercial Tree Care customers maintain their trees, so that they remain safe and visually pleasing for many years to come.

We are members of the ‘Arboricultural Association’, the ‘International Society of Arboriculture’ and the ‘Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland’ and our team members are highly qualified and experienced professionals, working to the highest standards and in accordance with ‘Industry Best Practice’.

Tree Surgery Services (BS 3998)

Dead & Diseased Wood

Should be removed to prevent a health hazard from fungal rots.

Damaged Branches

Should be removed or shortened to prevent further damage and fungal rot.

Epicormic Shoots

Should be removed (in most cases) to prevent energy being diverted from the rest of the tree.

Basal Suckers

May sap a tree’s energy and should be removed at source.

Crown Cleaning out

Dead, Dying or Diseased wood, stumps of broken branches, unwanted epicormic shoots, climbing plants i.e. Ivy, and rubbish accumulated in branch forks should be removed. Other objects such as wires, clamps or boards should also be removed along with any crossing or rubbing branches.

Crown Thinning

Involves the removal of a percentage (max. 30% in one year) of secondary and small live branch growth from throughout the crown to produce an even density of foliage around a well spaced and balanced branch structure which will increase light and reduce wind resistance.

Crown Lifting

Involves the removal of whole or part of the lower branches to a given height above ground level and is most often necessary where branches overhang a path, driveway or road.

Crown Reduction and or Reshaping

Should be carried out by cutting back to a side bud or branch to retain a flowing branch line without leaving stumps. The height and or spread may be reduced while retaining a natural shape to the crown, which will allow more light and air to penetrate, reducing wind resistance and stress from wide spreading heavy branches.

Remove / Fell

The tree is either felled or dismantled in sections.

Cable Bracing Systems

This is added as a support system in a tree between two or more of its weakened limbs. No guarantee can be given that it will be successful, but it is done as part of arboricultural practice in order to help to retain a tree. Cable braces should be checked on an annual basis.